Reaching your target audience is so more than just making sure your website shows up in Google search results - it’s about being present at the right time, with the right information, on the right platform. We often assume that our target clients are in a certain place and at a certain time – but there are many different touch points before they make their decision. You need to be there during the Moments That Matter.

Developing a marketing strategy to capture these moments can include a mix of paid search advertising, display advertising, social media campaigns, videos, and more. But when you’re busy growing a company, developing and executing a cohesive marketing strategy often gets shelved while you focus on operations.

Join us on September 7th for a power breakfast event at the Troy Innovation Garage and learn how inbound marketing enables local businesses to get ahead of regional competition, growth businesses to compete in the national market, and mature companies to bring their product or service globally. Google & Meticulosity will be discussing the Moments That Matter and how a strategic content and inbound marketing plan can help you be present for them.